6 Steps to Sell Your Car Online

April 14th, 2021 by

Our new normal is definitely more convenient, in some aspects. One of which being able to get a value for your car online! How easy is that?

Check out how we can accomplish that:

1. There are lots of buttons on our site to start this process, including the Value Your Trade button in the header and the Cash for Your Car buttons on the homepage, search pages, and vehicle description pages.

2. We buy cars and would love the opportunity to see if your is a right fit for our lot, and you. These buttons are meant for when you are possibly interested in selling you car, not necessarily trying to trade-in a vehicle. This will lead straight to our value form where you will answer some questions about your car for us to be able to put a value on it.

3. After you’ve answered all the questions you’ll then receive a value range for which we will purchase your car for.

4. After you go through the form, and you receive a value range, you will also be contacted by one of our sales representatives.

5. They’ll introduce themselves, confirm information to ensure we have everything they need, and may ask for some additional information, photos, or videos.

6. From there, we will get with a manager to get a solid value for you and get the process going based on your personal goals.

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